13 November 2011

Come jump the wall

I've been thinking about doing a blog about old-school gaming for a while now. Here's a toast to first efforts at public blogging. EDIT: The blog title comes from a Walter Mapes verse (links to the Latin verse with English translation): "Mihi est propositum in Taberna mori." == "I propose to end my days in a tavern"


  1. Will this be about general Old School gaming, or do you have a particular theme you're gonna focus on?

    I have no Latin, so what's the name mean? I'm pretty sure Mori is somthing to do with death, though.

    Anyway, welcome to the old school blogosphere!


  2. Thanks, Lee!

    I'm not really sure what I'm going to write about yet. I just started playing tabletop again after a few years of PbP. I've got a line-up of one-shot games we're going to play, we've played S&W:WB so far and next up is Traveller.

    I have a playtest copy of Redwald that you sent me a while back, and I now have a group to try it out with! I'll add it to our list of games we planning on running.

  3. Cool. Look forward to hearing how that works out. If you can would love to know who played what, what they thought of the classes, and any of the magic systems that might get used.

    Just googled ,In Taberna Mori,, and a I concur.